Episode 15: Thanks for the Feedback!

There are scads of books, articles, and even courses on how to give effective feedback. That’s no surprise. Directing other people is at the core of what managers do, after all, whether it’s in annual performance reviews or off-hand comments after a task has been completed. Giving feedback is likewise part of a teacher’s job, grading papers and leading classroom discussion. And in families, the exchange of feedback—positive and negative; explicit and between the lines—is a constant process. (And unfortunately not always a healthy one.)

Sheila Heen, our guest in this episode, says we’ve got things upside down. If we want work teams to be more productive or if we’d like personal relationships to flourish, instead of obsessing about givingfeedback, we should focus on the art of getting constructive advice.

Sheila explains how with the right mindset, coupled with deft interpersonal skills, you can proactively shape constructive conversations at work, at home, and in your communities.

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