Episode 20: Entrepreneurial Negotiation

Let’s say you’ve got a great idea. No, amp that up. Your idea is truly brilliant. For example, if you’re in business, let’s say that you’ve come up something that will disrupt the marketplace. Or if you work in a not-for-profit, you’ve designed a program that will significantly improve the lives of the people you serve.

Congratulations! There’s just one little problem: you don’t have the resources to pull it off.

Maybe need funding. Or if you’re a big organization, you need to win support from higher-ups. Perhaps need to recruit more talent. Or it could be tech help that’s lacking. Whatever is the missing ingredient, you’ll have to negotiate to get it. And to do that successfully, you must get others to buy into your vision.

Our guest in this episode is Samuel (Mooly) Dinnar, co-author with Larry Susskind of Entrepreneurial Negotiation: Understanding and Managing the Relationships that Determine your Entrepreneurial Success.

Mooly describes the traps that hopeful entrepreneurs often fall into and how to avoid them. He also points listeners to great videos that he and Larry have posted on this intriguing topic. So, take a listen!

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